Museum Or Bust Was, Well, A Bust

So I got my hopes up for not much of anything. I went to the museum to get a glimpse at some paper and writing form long long ago. Alas that was not to happen. I went to this museum because it had pictures of some things I wanted to look at on their website. However what’s on the site and what’s on display are 2 very different things. There were around 20 pieces of art there. 6 with carvings, 7 with writing on wood, and 1 with writing on stone. No paper whatsoever. An hour drive there, an hour and half drive back (thank you Los Angeles traffic), $20 for parking and entry, and a day mostly wasted. I say mostly because I did get some pictures of the carvings. While not what I was wanting, I was impressed by the detail.

A Side Of Cooked Hard Drive

Just when I thought things are going well – my hard drive died. I was able to get some stuff off, but not all. My current research project is mostly intact. Some things were lost, others saved. Luckily, the bulk of the project was saved in multiple locations. Always have a backup. Always save things in multiple locations. Always say Always, only because I’ve now done it 4 times.


I’m super excited about my current project. I’ve hit 5 or 6 bumps in the road along the way, but it’s all well worth it. It’s a bit of a history project where everything is new to me. I’ve needed to research historical paper types, inks, writing utensils, grammar, and a feeble attempt at being an artist. While that artist part will never achieve the levels I will like it to for this project, I push forward. I will be visiting a museum in the next 2 weeks to get some more info for my project. While the internet is good to look at pictures, I am looking beyond what a picture can tell. What does the ink look like on the page? How faded is it? How much did the page absorb the ink? Was there bleeding of the ink? How has it lasted the test of time? I guess what I’m saying is – don’t expect a small project to be short or easy, you might geed fooled by something looking simple.