Comments Turned Off And Other Goodies

I’ve been overwhelmed by over 800 messages in the last few days. All of them gibberish or seeming attempts at something devious. Due to that, I have turned off comments for now. If you’d like to get ahold of me, there are several ways to do so. I am a member of the last 3 forums in the links section under the username thedarkpope. I can also be reached through Ebay, Youtube, or the Etsy link on the left. If you have a business card of mine, that address is also directly linked to my phone.

Other things…

I’m a bit behind on posting, but I do have several fun bits that are in the works. One of those is a new exposure system for my metalwork. I’m documenting my making of it and will post it on Youtube when it’s completely done. That way if anyone feels like some self torture, they can make one for themselves.

Other Other things…

I have videos of new designs that will be posted soon. I have some clear Hellraiser boxes as well as several prototypes of light up boxes. If all goes well, I should have everything written up over the weekend and lots of posts next week.

Hard Drive Crash

Didn’t this just happen not so long ago? Well it happened again. Different computer than last time. All projects were lost – completely. I thought I had backed them up and I was wrong. I may or may not delve back into those projects. The box panels I do have on multiple drives, so I will still be making boxes of varying sizes and opacity.