New Exposure System Part 1

I am embarking on making a new light exposure system for my metalwork. I got the idea from this page…

UV LED Exposure Box Project

I have decided to go a bit overboard – in my usual style. Instead of 100 LEDs I’m first making a board with 460-something LEDs. I’m not going the direct route of just hooking up the wiring to something that connects all 460 led’s as that would be more juice than I would ever want to have flowing at a time. Instead I will be making a concoction using the LEDs, an Arduino, a LED Backpack from Adafruit, and a bunch of optoisolators. I’ll go into the details in following posts. There’s a lot of information, and I will likely turn these posts into a video when I’m completely done.

As for new things – yes I know I’m behind on posting. I do have a 3 x 3 x 3 inch clear acrylic box for sale on Ebay. At some time, I’ll do a post about that.

The light up cube is no longer a prototype, and will be coming soon. I’ve worked out all the kinks, and no longer have wildly protruding bits.

There are a few more things that are in the works and I have a fire under my butt to get them done – soon.