More Music and Props

I got through 7 of the 8 movies, tomorrow will be #8. Hopefully I’ll have the mix down by this weekend. I’ll post that bit for a short time, as it will be the theme music for my big project, and I don’t want it out on the web-o-sphere as a spoiler for too long.

The other music project has hit a bump. The person that was giong to supply the music (SMX) is having issues with Pro Tools. So it will be a bit before I start working on that. I also have to redo someone’s math to make the thing the right shape. And I have to redesign a wheel and spring thingy to make everything work. Nothing quite like reinventing the wheel – and spring.

Part of the fun I’m having is related to making things that aren’t readily available – available for those that want it. Hellraiser was lacking in cool toys and props. I’m remaking some fan props and will post some of those here when done.

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