Why I Sell My Boxes For Less Than The Other Guys

The easy answer is that I make everything myself. I don’t use a prefessional etching house to do my metalwork. No matter what anyone tells you, they charge an arm and a leg to do the work. Workers cost money by the hour to employ. Electric bills need to be paid by the etching house. The metal they sell is marked up as well as any hourly work. Bosses and managers also need to be paid. I have none of those costs because I do it all myself. I do equal quality work for a fraction of the cost. I pass all that on to you. I think the prices the other guys charge are obnoxious. The “extras” they give you are easily found items on the internet that can be printed by you for little to no money. Certificates of Authenticity are to prove what? There are no boxes made by anyone that are 100% screen accurate. They’re all close, so what does a useless piece of paper authenticate? That it’s a box that’s close to screen accurate? Completely worthless! All these things are an attempt to present a value that justifies obnoxious prices. I sell boxes. Not worthless pieces of paper, or things you can print out yourself. I will never charge for shipping.

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