I’m just your ordinary everyday completely nutso fan of Hellraiser. I wouldn’t call this a fan site, although I am a huge one, my fandom revolves around 3 things, Pinhead, the Lament Configuration (the box), and very long worded run on sentences that never seem to end although you wish so much that they would. I’ll try to refrain from the third.

Over the last few years my obsession with Halloween has grown, and thus my need for costuming. In my mind there’s only one choice for a costume, and so I’ve been refining it over the last 3 years, or was it 4, few, I’ll say few years.

I’ve recently embarked on a rather big Hellraiser project, and that’s really what’s behind this site. I have no ties to any movie, or official thing. I’m not a director or producer or making a fan film or anything of the sort. I’m just a crazy obsessed fan that has a big project in the works. Everything I have on this site is directly related to the project. Because I’m part of the illuminati, I can’t discuss it at this time. I will however bring you along a sideways path to show things I’m working on in relation to the project. Once the project has been completed, then I will of course connect all the dots, and we’ll have a jolly good time.

Feel free to comment on any of the pages. The stupid thing asks for your email – just type in gibberish, I won’t send you crap or check for valid email addresses. I’ll let the good ones stay, and the junk fly.

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