Fan Props

Although this page does not have anything to do with the big picture of this site, i added it because there will be many more fan props that I will be playing with. When they’re done, I’ll add them here.

It’s a rather sad day when the fans are able to make better, higher quality props than the multimillion dollar corporations that created the franchise. That being said, there are some REALLY cool Hellraiser paper props available for free all over the inter-webs. This one for example can be found on Propnomicon’s website.

Pretty cool stuff!! I thought this would be so much cooler if it were more like something in Dr. Channard’s office. So with some help from my good friend Ruth, changes were to be made. She took the picture and did some magic to get the box piece out of the middle, and centered it from left to right. The other off center things were left on purpose. Then onto parchment paper, add some staining to the page, and add a specially made panel to the page and voila!

This next piece came from Unfated from the Replica Prop Forum. Links are on your left if needed.

As per usual, I took out the picture in the middle, redrew the lines, put it on some parchment, stained parchment, and put on a panel.

Framed the picture.

New addition for today – also by Unfated. Enjoy!

Stuff removed, Lines added, Put on parchment, stained, Panel added.

Framed and a little too much fire.

More coming after Leviathan Configuration.

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