Making a Pinhead mask v1.0

This was one of my Pinhead masks I made. First I made a bald cap.

I saw a few videos that showed how to brush or paint it on. I could never get the results I wanted, so I tried using an airbrush. I used a Badger 250 and an air compressor around 18 psi. If you want to give this a try do NOT waste your time and money on cans of air. They don’t work for this type of project. Buy a compressor.

Next I needed some nails. Don’t be an idiot like others on Youtube and use real nails! If you fall, or trip into someone, you can cause serious damage. Don’t be an idiot!!

These are made from coffee straws and sequins.

Cut to length (mine here are a bit too big). Glue sequin to straw.

Get a bunch together.


Mask v1.0 had the pins attach directly to the bald cap (v2.0 and beyond went through the cap). That being said, the gridlines would be applied using blood, and the pins were glued on the blood. During v1.0 I used Elmers glue with some food coloring in it for the crappy blood effect. The pins were put on using a tiny bit of super glue. Before you get your undies in a bunch, the pin was glued onto the Elmer’s glue, so none of it was super glued to my face. This was a test.

When the glue dried, I couldn’t smile or it would ALL start coming off at the same time.

Now for putting it all together. First thing – bald cap and poorly applied makeup (those that know me will laugh as they’ve never seen me without hair)

Then I made some lines.

I made some more lines.

And added some pins.

Then put on the costume.