Making a Pinhead Mask v1.2

Although it was entertaining, I didn’t want to go through the rubber band thing again. And I wanted depth in the cap. I wasn’t going to do a lifecast and sculpting as I was still quite a n00b. So I decided to make what I loving refer to as “The Cage” (v1.0). This was made from string and candle wax to give it strength.

Then I sprayed a few layers of latex onto the head, then put on The Cage and sprayed on a few more layers thus giving depth

Good points, and bad points. Good points, it gave depth. It was easy to maneuver. Bad points, It really only worked for 2 caps before it gave up the ghost. There are obvious and quite visible marks that show it was string. Removing it from the cap itself after being sprayed was a huge pain. Cleaning off the latex between uses killed it after the second cap.

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