The Box

You opened it. We came.


Aside from Pinhead, the box is the most recognizable part of the Hellraiser franchise.

Like most people, I needed a box. I was unable to use the one I had on my shelf for a number of reasons. So I decided to learn how to make them myself. I spent a lot of time on Youtube and Google figuring out how to do this. One person shows a sample video of him etching a panel. The description of what he says he’s using doesn’t match what’s being shown. Others just say they have them professionally made by someone else. Nobody who makes Hellraiser box panels tells you how they make them. That being said, I’m no different. Personally I made tons of mistakes, spent lots more money than I would care to admit, and cursed more than a pirate with nobody to rape, rob, or pillage. Now I make panels for fun and sell them on Etsy

I wanted to make a box that hadn’t been done before. I was inspired by the house in the movie Thir13en Ghosts. I wanted a see through box that looked like it might be able to be opened with cogs and sprockets and such. After a bit of consideration, I decided against that and opted for some lights inside instead. I thought that would be a cool effect that would show off that it was a clear box. So off to Lowes I went. I got a 8 x 10 piece of acrylic, cut and routed it and made a box.

Then I attached my wonderful panels I made.

I half assed fashioned a blinky doodad into a piece that fits inside the box.

Turned out the lights and let her rip.

But what if the panels were bigger, maybe if they moved differently…

Stay tuned…

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