Electronics Galore

What started as a fairly easy electronics project has turned into a Cluster of mighty proportions. What was going to be pulling a few hundred wires out of one board and adding them onto another, has turned into more wires, more chips, more boards, and more weight, which means more waiting to get it done. I’m not thrilled about what this is turning into, but sometimes you need to go big for big results.

Spam Spam Spam

Tons of spam mail lately has started me thinking about removing comment section. If you do read this and want me to keep comments on, let me know, If I don’t have responses before the next spam-fest from China, I’m going to turn off comments entirely.

All Work And No Play

With the recent change of work scedule – as in I’m now working all the time – I’ve been mostly unable to get to the fun side of life. Boo stagnation!!! Still lots to do, but I’ll get there. Patience.

What Is And What Needs To Be

What Is…

1) Power Supply. Should be done within the next week or so.

2) Visual effects for big project. Just got the approval I needed that my idea should work as planned. Going to do a small scale test in the next and make sure I don’t blow any fuses 🙂

3) Time running out on getting this out when I wanted to.

What Needs To Be…

1) Finish music. Not a huge deal, but is a huge deal. Have first part rough done. Still need to figure out ending.

2) Motors and things. Havent even started on this yet.

3) Costume design. Well I should say costume alteration design. Somehow this looks like it will be easier than the visual effects.

4) More time in the day, week, or month. If there was a day or two between Monday and Tuesday, that would be helpful.

The Bigger Picture

I’ve put all Fan Props to the side for the moment as I’ve started working toward the “bigger picture”. I’m currently working on building my own power supply and working with an Arduino to make cool things happen with other cool things. I’m fortunate to have help from actual engineers that are able to point me in the right direction as to what chips and devices I may want to try out. I still have music running through my head, and one of these days need to finish that part of the project.

There Has Been A Slight Delay

Life happens, and so do delays. I etched 1 Leviathan Config panel, and will not likely finish the project. I’ll post a few pics in the upcoming days. I have a Fan Prop or 2 that needs photographing, but that is on hold for the moment as well. So until further notice (probably another week or 2), I’m in a low flying holding pattern.

Adding Another Fan Prop

I know I mentioned earlier that i would be doing one Fan Prop per day for a week. That has changed. I added 1 more today, and will not be adding any others until at least next week. I am working on a Leviathan Configuration etching tonight and into the weekend. I’ll post updates here if there are any.

More Fan Props

Well, only one today. No getting greedy. I took some pictures of my progress yesterday, only to realize today that the pictures I took were not all that great. I will be retaking pictures tonight when I get home from work and replacing bad photos for good ones.

The second on the Fan Props page came from Unfated of the Replica Prop Forum. Links are on the left

Giving Props To Peeps For Their Props

Spent some time looking for the proper people to give credit to for the work I’ll be displaying later today and throughout the week. It’s important to give credit where credit is due. The work in Fan Props is not my own. All I have done is altered someone elses work, put it on pretty paper, stained that paper, and added a panel or two that I’ve made. While a lot of work goes into every panel made, and every alteration, and the staining, the creative work belongs to others. And for that they deserve credit. Later today I’ll post the first in a week long display of that creativity.

More Fan Props Coming

Today I altered and staind 3 more fan props. I’ll be altering some more tomorrow. The ones I stained today should be dry tonight. I’ll finish attaching pieces tomorrow and stain the other altered ones tomorrow. I’ll post one a day until the end of the week starting tomorrow.