Poor Timing On My Part

It turns out I chose the wrong time to stop producing panels. For me it was a pet project that I enjoyed doing, and was never intended to be a long term thing. That being said, my timing sucks as it didn’t dawn on me that some people might want these as Christmas presents. So to Sara and others, I will make a few more sets in the next week or so. I ship as soon as the payment clears and it usually arrives within 4 days. Stay tuned.

No Longer Producing Panels

I’ve decided to no longer make Helraiser panels. If someone is able to find me through Etsy or therpf.com and request, I will make a set here or there, but will no longer have any stock to sell. I have been kicking around the idea of making a full tutorial on how to etch your own Hellraiser panels freely available both here and on Youtube. If I decide to do that, it will be sometime in the beginning of 2013. There are lots of videos on how to etch brass out there, but they are incomplete as far as making Hellraiser panels go, or any other full etch-through design is concerned. The reason for my no longer producing the panels at this time is to focus on the bigger project that I have going on. There’s just too much work involved in the big project to focus so much time on just the panels.

Electronics Galore

What started as a fairly easy electronics project has turned into a Cluster of mighty proportions. What was going to be pulling a few hundred wires out of one board and adding them onto another, has turned into more wires, more chips, more boards, and more weight, which means more waiting to get it done. I’m not thrilled about what this is turning into, but sometimes you need to go big for big results.

Spam Spam Spam

Tons of spam mail lately has started me thinking about removing comment section. If you do read this and want me to keep comments on, let me know, If I don’t have responses before the next spam-fest from China, I’m going to turn off comments entirely.