Making a Pinhead mask v1.1

After v1.0 I got the idea that things would be so much easier if I could have the pins go through the bald cap instead of on top of it. So I started out the same way with a bald cap

Then I made the grid pattern with rubber bands and marked the cap.

Popped holes into the cap and pushed pins through.

It should be mentioned here that putting holes in this bald cap was only possible because of how it was made. To make a strong bald cap see v1.0. Although Woochie and others are very good quality, they will not hold up to 50 holes being put in them.
Took pins out and cleaned up the cap.

Then makeup was put on and pins put through. The back side of each of the pins was hot glued on. I don’t seem to have any pictures of the cap with makeup and pins in. If I find them I’ll post them.

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