All Work And No Play

With the recent change of work scedule – as in I’m now working all the time – I’ve been mostly unable to get to the fun side of life. Boo stagnation!!! Still lots to do, but I’ll get there. Patience.

What Is And What Needs To Be

What Is…

1) Power Supply. Should be done within the next week or so.

2) Visual effects for big project. Just got the approval I needed that my idea should work as planned. Going to do a small scale test in the next and make sure I don’t blow any fuses 🙂

3) Time running out on getting this out when I wanted to.

What Needs To Be…

1) Finish music. Not a huge deal, but is a huge deal. Have first part rough done. Still need to figure out ending.

2) Motors and things. Havent even started on this yet.

3) Costume design. Well I should say costume alteration design. Somehow this looks like it will be easier than the visual effects.

4) More time in the day, week, or month. If there was a day or two between Monday and Tuesday, that would be helpful.