Back On Track

I have some exciting things in the works. I’ve spent the last few weeks totally engulfed in research for my upcoming reveal. I still have a long way to go, but it will be worth the wait. I’m usually vague simply so others don’t take my idea and run woth it before I do. This time is no different. I’ve put a lot of work into this and would hate to have someone come along with a crappy inferior product before my really good one gets done.

I have also made some boxes. I’ll take some pictures over the next few days to show. They will be for sale soon, but the first batch is going to family and friends.

My “Skill Set” Involves Not Using The Term “Skill Set”

This will likely be the one and only time I use this board to gripe and complain. I put it here because it happened at the Long Beach Comic Con, and that indirectly relates to this website.

I live in Long Beach. This is part of southern California – the land of fruits and nuts. This always needs to be remembered when dealing with anyone from Southern California. I’m a transplant, so I’m immune 🙂 I was at the convention and there was a non-profit group there that is restoring a great piece of tv history. I go to inquire about what can be done to help. I like most people don’t have gobs of money to be giving away, but I do have time, and I do know lots of people that would be willing to give their talents to help make something like this work. After asking what (aside from money) can be done to help, the person I was talking to started talking to me like she was at an interview. She told me that her Skill Set involves restoring this or that. We have people working on whatnot, and we really don’t need anything from you except your money.

For those of you in other parts of the world, southern California and in particular Los Angeles is very much a – What can you do for me – city. Where I come from – the midwest US – when asked how one can help, an answer would go like the following…

We are currently restoring this part of the set. We are looking for shops that might be able to do this as a charitable contribution as a tax write off. After that we are needing reupholstering, metalwork, woodworkers for this doohickey, and an electrician. We need to make a lighter spitting image of this piece, because it weighs 500 pounds and is too heavy, so we could use someone that’s qualified to do that. When everything is done, we’ll need drivers, people to turn wrenches to set things up. If you, or anyone you know could help, here’s our card. We are looking for professionals, as we need this project done right.

So to the lady who is part of restoring the set of one of my favorite shows, please learn how to talk to people that want to help. You never know who you’re talking to, or who they know that have all kinds of talent, and would love to be a part of your project.

In the end, I’m glad I walked away without offering help of my own or telling any of the talented people I know anything about the project. My first rule is treat me like a person, not anything else. Unfortunately that comes with living out here. If you’re not deemed to be important, you’re looked through, literally, like you don’t exist.

I miss the midwest.

Solved Panel

I broke down and bought some better equipment so I may make bigger and better things. Here is one of those bigger and better things. This is a solved puzzle box panel made of .010 inch brass and just a bit lager than 4 inches.
Solved Panel